Friday, 1 March 2013

Wigan Ale Fesitval 2013/Griffin Reopening.

Last night saw not only the first day of the Wigan Real Ale Festival, but also the reopening of the Griffin on Wigan Lane. With the introductory offer of Cooers Light for only £2.00 a pint, I'm already happy with it. Whats more, they have a jukebox. As I was browsing through the songs, one in particular caught my eye.

Do you remember the song Tongue Tied from season II of the Sci Fi sitcom Red Dwarf?

Well, it turns out there was a cover of this very song in that jukebox. The artist is simply credited as "The Cat", although it sounds like a different singer. Seeing this song in the jukebox, I thought it was too good to be true, but the music started and true it certainly was. What a great way to start a night out!

Next, it was off to The Anvil to catch the bus to the Robin Park Sports centre for the first night of the ale festival. My favourite ale of the evening was Floris Apple. A Belgian fruit beer.

Looking at the label, I was a bit unsure of it. When I think of apples and beer together, I usually think of Snake Bite; that vile mixture of lager and cider which is guaranteed to give you a headache and nausea for at least twenty four hours after drinking. But I remembered an non alcoholic apple beer I tried once called Iron Horse, which gives no such feelings of impending vomit. So there was a chance Floris would be an okay drink. Feeling adventurous, I tried it.
And yes, it was really nice. Essentially it was like fizzy apple juice. I later saw a couple of coasters with the Floris label on, so I asked if I could take one home as a souvenir. They let me have two. Thanks!

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